CHB Projects/Activities

Apart from the primary contribution of CHB in providing affordable stock of housing to the residents of Chandigarh, CHB since its inception had played a pivotal role in implementing the various objectives/schemes of Chandigarh Administration, prominently amongst them being the project of Slum Rehabilitation. Others including –

i) Rehabilitation of Rehri Owners through construction of Day Markets in various Sectors namely Sector-7, 9, 11, 15, 18, 19, 20, 22, 23, 24, 37, 38, 39, 41, 46 & 47

ii) Rehabilitation of Scooter/Car-repair Mechanics through construction of Shops, Booths and Sheds in Sector – 28, 38 (West), 48, 52

iii) Resettlement of Industrial Workers

iv) Rehabilitation of Rag Pickers in Sector-56, Chandigarh

v) Rehabilitation of Street Children at Snehalya Maloya.

vi) Add on Development works in Sector-34

The Chandigarh Housing Board besides above stated Rehabilitation Scheme, have also undertaken numerous prestigious projects of the Chandigarh Administration as well as other Institutions in the City as deposit works. The prominent amongst them being –

i) Setting up of Kalagram at Manimajra.

ii) Ambedkar Bhawan Sector-37.

iii) Post Master General building Sector-17.

iv) Para-military Complex in Sector-43 and Police Housing in Sector-26.

v) Housing for Post Graduate Institute of Medical Research, (PGIMER) Sector-12.

vi) Housing for Chandigarh Medical College, Sector-32.

vii) Night Shelter in NAC Manimajra.

viii) Blind Girls Hostel Sector-26.

ix) New Animal House for PGIMER.

The Board while undertaking the construction of dwelling units at different locations in the City, has also ensured simultaneous development of Shopping/commercial areas for meeting the day to day requirements of the residents through construction of Convenient shopping/Service Booths/Shops in Sector-38 (West), 48 A, 49 A, 49 B, 51 A, 61 & Modern Housing Complex, Manimajra etc

In nutshell, CHB has constituted in the development of the City Beautiful by completing the following

i) General Housing –

a. Site & Services, EWS & LIG 44065 Units

b. MIG 10835 Units

c. HIG 5597  Units

Total 60497 Units 

ii) Commercial Units

a. Rehabilitation of rehri owners/day markets. - 1450

b. Booths/Shops for Motor Mechanics. - 489

c. Convenient Shopping/Service Booths. - 2447

Total - 4386 


Ongoing Projects

a. Slum Rehabilitation project

The process of slum rehabilitation of 23841 slum families scattered over 18 colonies in the City was started under the banner of ‘Chandigarh Small Flats Scheme - 2006’.

The 23841 beneficiaries under the scheme have been identified through Bio-metric survey conducted in 2006.

Accordingly initially two proposals for construction of 25728 (6368 Ph.I & 19360 Ph.II) Small Flats for an amount of Rs. 564.93 crores were approved by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Poverty Alleviation, GoI in year 2006 under JNNURM. Later on, after construction of the 12736 One Room Flats, the proposal of balance 12992 flats was revised. As such, the project cost was approved for Rs.1021.21 crore in December 2012.

The present status of the ongoing construction of dwelling units under Slum Rehabilitation at 8 identified locations in the City is as under:-

1. 1024 Small Flats at Sector-49 C Completed and handed over to beneficiaries.
2. 1120 Small Flats at Sector-38 (W) Completed and handed over to beneficiaries.
3. 576 Small Flats at Ram Darbar Completed and handed over to beneficiaries.
4. 8448 Small Flats at Dhanas Completed and handed over to beneficiaries.
5. 4960/8896 Small Flats at Mauli Jagran-I Construction of 4960 small flats (two rooms) started in June 2014.
6. 1568 Small flats at Mauli Jagran-II Completed and handed over to beneficiaries.

In case Estate Office, UT informed the availability of more eligible beneficiaries, construction of more small flats would be undertaken.

In a function organized by the Govt. of India, on the eve of the fourth Anniversary of the launching of the JNNURM Scheme, the initiatives undertaken by the Chandigarh Administration/CHB in process of implementation of the JNNURM scheme, have been appreciated by the GOI and an Award, presented by the Prime Minister of India, was conferred upon CHB. The Award carried a Trophy and a cash incentive of Rs. 2 lac. Also on the eve of 5th Anniversary of launching of JNNURM, on 03.12.2010, CHB has been awarded a Trophy and a cash incentive of Rs. 3 lac for City with the “Best Planned Habitat FOR Urban Poor.” On 2.01.2014 also CHB has been awarded a Trophy and a cash incentive of Rs. 3 lac by His Excellency Hon’ble President of India for “Best City for Planned Habitat for Urban Poor”

b. UT Employees Scheme

The land under the ‘Self Financing Housing Scheme 2008’ for the Employees of Chandigarh Administration, is yet not allotted to the CHB by the Chd. Admn. The decision of Chandigarh Administration regarding land allotment is awaited.

c. Nehru Centre For Performing Arts, including Pedestrian Plaza/ underground main parking in Sector-34, Chandigarh

The project is being implemented by CHB on the behest of the Chandigarh Administration. Further, the Empowered Committee was constituted by the Chandigarh Administration under the Chairmanship of Finance Secretary, UT for decisions and monitoring of the said project. Before transferring of the project to CHB, M/s Satnam Namita & Associates was appointed by UT Engineering Department as the Consulting Architect for the said Project at the fees @ 3% of the Project Cost. Initially, the cost of the Project was to be met from the revenues being received by CHB from the RGCTP Habitat Project. However RGCTP Project has already gone into the Arbitration and all funds received from RGCTP Habitat Project have been deposited into Consolidated Fund of India, so, now the project cost estimated to be Rs.108 Crore is proposed to be funded to CHB by the Chandigarh Administration.

M/s Spectral Services Consultant Pvt. Ltd has also been engaged by CHB for providing consultancy for designing this building as an ‘Intelligent & Green Building’. This project has already been registered with the ‘Indian Green Building Council’ for getting certification under the LEED Rating system. The concept Architectural drawings for the said project have already been approved by the Chief Architect, UT. The detailed estimates submitted by the Consulting Architect was submitted to CE, UT for approval & vetting the DPR to further forwarded the same to the concerned Ministry of GOI for sanction of funds as the Project Cost is more than 10 Crores. However, CE, UT had returned the detailed estimates to CHB for revising the same as per the latest prevailing rates.

In the meantime, the Consulting Architect, M/s Satnam Namita & Associates raised certain issues regarding payment of fees in respect of its Contract Agreement. FS UT was requested to resolve the issues pertaining to the Consulting Architect of NCPA for which Empowered Committee constituted, a Sub-Committee under the Chairmanship of SSF, UT to resolve the issues pertaining to the said NCPA Project.

The last meeting of the Sub Committee held on 16.8.13 was attended by Sh.Vishal Singh representative of M/s Satnam Namita & Associates wherein recommendations were made by the Sub Committee to the Empowered Committee, but Sh.Vishal Singh later on refused to sign the said minutes. A reference in this regard was addressed to Consulting Architect M/s Satnam Namita & Associates on 29.11.13 to sign the minutes to which Consulting Architect refused to sign the same. The matter has been referred to SSF UT being Chairman of Sub-Committee on 29.11.13 to take necessary action in the matter.

Later on, the matter has been taken up at the level of AA, UT and Administrator UT. Earnest efforts are being made to resolve the issues of Consulting Architect M/s Satnam Namita & Associates regarding payment of fees and other related issues.

Further site works to NCPA Project site has been made by Home Secy.-cum-Sec. Tourism on 24.01.2015. Status of NCPA Project was placed before Honble AA on 27.02.2015. and 14/07/2015 final decision on the issue is yet to be taken.

d. Rajiv Gandhi Technology Park (RGCTP) Habitat Project

Chandigarh Administration, in December 2005 had designated Chandigarh Housing Board as its ‘Nodal Agency’ for development of ‘RGCTP Habitat Project’ over an area of 123.79 acre of land on ‘Private Sector Partnership’ (PSP) basis.

After following a global invitation bidding process, CHB had selected M/s Parsvnath Developers Ltd., as Developer for the said project. As per the terms of the development agreement the Developer has to pay a sum of Rs.821.21 Crore as bid money. Additionally 30% of the Gross Revenues, from sale of Residential units, shall also be payable to CHB.

The Development Agreement was signed on 6th October, 2006 for completion of the project over a period of three years. The Developer was to obtain all necessary Approvals including Environment Clearance in 12 months time whereas the remaining period of 24 months was meant for the construction period.

As per the Development Agreement, on ‘Right to Participate’ Model, the Developer was to Design, Build, Finance, Manage, Market/Sell and Operate & Maintain the said Project for 99 years. 

Initially, the Project was hindered on account of a HT line passing through it and a Boundary Dispute initiated by the Haryana Government, which was resolved by Chd. Admn. The Developer has so far obtained Environment Clearance and has got all drawings approved from the Competent Authority except for those pertaining to the development of Main Club planned under the project. The Developer has so far paid to CHB a sum of Rs. 516 crore app. as Bid Price, however the payment of the balance bid price of Rs.305 Crore and delayed interest accruing thereon has not been made.

CHB had issued ‘Default Notice’ to the Developer for non compliance of certain terms and conditions of the Development Agreement namely non-payment of balance Bid Price, non-obtaining of Approvals in stipulated time and non-achievement of stipulated Milestones. The Developer had invoked the provisions of the Arbitration clause and an Arbitral Tribunal was appointed in this regard. As there was no progress in arbitration case, CHB filed an application before the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court for issue of directions to the Tribunal. However, the Developer moved to the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India. Hon’ble Supreme Court of India terminated the mandate of the earlier Arbitral Tribunal and, in their place, appointed Hon’ble Mr. Justice R.V. Raveendran, a retired Judge of Supreme Court of India as the Sole Arbitrator to decide the disputes between M/s Parsvnath Developer Ltd. & Chandigarh Housing Board. Till date, 46 Hearings have been held by the Sole Arbitrator, the last hearing being held in March 2014. The Arbitration matter has been concluded and pronouncement of award is expected to be made by the Sole Arbitrator soon.

Pronouncement of award was made by Justice R.V. Raveendarn the Sole Arbitrator on 9.01.2015.

CHB and M/s PDL had agreed to accept the said Arbitrator Award. Accordingly on 04.02.2015. CHB on behalf of Chd. Admn. Has paid Rs.572.03 crore to PDL (Rs.567.25 crore as Award + Interest @ 18% p.a. on Rs. 368.65 crore). CHB has taken possession of Project Land from M/s PDL on 4.2.2015. further revocation deed was signed by CHB & M/s PDL on 4.20.2015 and was got registered in the office of Sub Registar Estate office on 4.2.2015 itself.

On 6.2.2015 M/s PDL filed an application before Arbitrators under Section 33(1)( a) of Arbitrator & Conciliation Act 1996. CHB filed reply to the said Application on 19.02.2015 before Hon’ble Arbitrator. Finally on 09.03.2015 Hon’ble Arbitrator rejected the application of M/s PDL as 04.02.2015 and non maintainable.

On 23.03.2015, M/s PDL filed an application before Hon’ble District Court against on 23.03.2015 M/s PDL filed application before Hon’ble Dist. Court against CHB and Arbitrator

The matter was listed in Hon’ble High Court on 16.04.2015. on 15.05.2015 CHB filed its reply and on 23.07.2015 M/s PDL filed Rejoinder to reply of CHB. Next date of hearing has been fixed for 1/10/15 for arguments.

e. Construction of 2108 Flats in Sector-63, Chandigarh

The said scheme includes 336 Three Bed Rooms, 888 Two Bed Rooms, 564 One Bed Room & 320 EWS Flats having approximately estimated cost of Rs.414.45 crore.

The draw of lot for allocation of units has already been held after inviting applications from General Public. Building work is completed 388 Two Bed Room Flats for which the work has allotted in 2014. The final finishing is in progress and will be completed shortly. The allotment of E.W.S. and O.B.R. is in progress. The physical possession of flats will commence from 11.09.2015.

f. Construction of 160 Cat-II Flats in Sector-51 A, Chandigarh

CCHB has started Construction of 160 Cat-II flats in Sector -51 A under General Housing scheme. Work has been completed. Draw of lots for numbering held on 28.10.2014. The Possession of flats shall be handed over soon.

Forthcoming Projects

a. Housing Scheme for Sector-53, 54

Chandigarh Administration has earmarked 90 acre (4,35,600 Sq. yd) of land vide letter No. 9089/M/G-6 dated 15.3.2002 in Sector-53, 54 & 55 for development of a General Housing Scheme.

So far Chandigarh Administration had allotted land measuring 20.97 acres in Sector-53 and 31.80 acres in Sector 54 and CHB has paid the land cost to the Estate Office, UT, Chandigarh. The physical possession of land is yet to be handed over to CHB CHB proposes to construct around 1300 to 1500 Flats of various categories i.e. One Room Flat (EWS), 1 BHK (LIG), 2 BHK (MIG) & 3 BHK (HIG) on the said land after getting the plans approved from Department of Urban Planning, UT, Chandigarh.

b. 128 Cat-II Flats in Sector 51

c. Other General Housing Schemes

· 464 Flats of various categories at Maloya-II

· 1400 Flats of various categories at Dhanas

· 600 EWS Flats in Sector-26 (East)

d. Construction of Block ‘B’ in CHB Office Complex, Sector-9, Chandigarh as Intelligent & Green Building

The Chandigarh Administration had allocated CHB a chunk of land measuring 3.26 acre along Madhya Marg, for construction of CHB office. The construction of this Office Building Complex is governed by Architectural Control of Chandigarh Administration. CHB had completed the construction of Two Single Storied Blocks – Block ‘A’ & Block ‘C’ in the year 1983 and 1993 respectively. However, the construction of seven storey block ‘B’ was not taken up by the Board so far.

The proposed Building Block ‘B’ which has a covered area of approximately 1,53,000 sft. and will be a “Intelligent Building” made with latest technologies & innovative building materials and its power requirements should be met to the extent possible to the use of non conventional sources of energy.

The drawings of the project were got prepared from Consultant Architect were submitted with the Department of Urban Planning which were not approved. Now, the same are being again worked out and would be again submitted with Department of Urban Planning for approval and after the approval of drawings tendering process will be initiated.

Forthcoming Schemes

1. The Board in its meeting dated 18.05.2015 resolved to go ahead with the taking up of the construction of 128 two bed room flats in Sector 51-A alongwith estate services with approved plans by the department of Urban Planning UT Chandigarh.

2. Chandigarh Housing board is in process of preparation of Housing Scheme on 19.5 Acres of land in sector -53 comprising of 500 flats of various categories. CHB has already paid the cost of the land to Estate Officers, UT, Chandigarh. After getting the approval of drawings from the Chief Architect, UT, Chandigarh, applications would be invited for allotment of flats. CHB also intends to construct approximately another 1500 flats on 30 acres of land in Sector-54 after Sector-53 Hosing Scheme. Cost of said 30 acres of land has already been paid by CHB to Estate Officer, UT, Chandigarh